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History of Marialaya Chennai

marialaya chennai history

The plight of the children in and around North Chennai are living in unsafe environment and not able to get a square meal in a day. They are not dignified and neglected education and other survival needs such as food, water, Shelter and clothing. Children easily become prey to the victims of child trafficking. The children are trapped into sexual abuse and also other forms of abuse. Girls children are exploited and no one care for them. Although poverty has been reduced but still it remains painfully high by witnessing the street children working as rag pickers, petty hawkers, and even as beggers. All the prevailing condition of the children in street and slums intervened the province for the children who are in need of care and protection.

Marialaya began its journey in the year 1990. The miracle of love and care to the deprived girl children has made Marialaya grow and become vibrant. It all began with a simple contact centre for street girls at St. Francis Xavier’s school camp situated at Broadway, Chennai in February 1990. Gradually a shelter home called “Marialaya” was established at Pedariar Koil Street in June 1991. The reach out programme began to bear fruit and in 1993, the first rehabilitation scheme under government of India was implemented in 8 community based centers. Slowly Shelter home was started in the year 1994.

Marialaya extends its helping hands for the abandoned, destitute children, youth and marginalized women through shelter home and slum presence for the past 27 years. We believe that retaining human dignity among the deprived children is the service doing to God through holistic approach. To sustain a feeling of confidence one’s basic needs to be fulfilled. Through continuous motivation and proper guidance one can attain her goal to live independently in the society. Along with love, care and protection the children are also trained in various aspects like spiritual animation, wise range of training and orientation programmes for their integral growth and holistic development.