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Expression of Experience - Success Story

K. Lakshmi - Kalyanpuram


K.Lakshmi (Name changed) 13 years old, lives in the northern part of Chennai. Lakshmi is one of those girl who have been facing barrier in attending school due to lack of interest of parents in girl child education and assuming that a girl should be responsible only for house hold work. On contacting the school nearby Kalayana Puram - North Chennai, the school teacher shared that children are attending school, expect Lakshmi, whose parents doesn’t have an interest in looking after the girl child education.

Keeping this as a background study, the simplest thing in the world which made a difference in the child life. k. Lakshmi was approached and given special attention by our kalayanapuram field staff Mrs. Roselily. When intervene Lakshmi shared that “she don’t like to go to school after she went for her cousin marriage for a week – as she felt comfortable staying at home” she also shared that initially she started to bunk class, later she discontinued the school.

The girl was exposed to our care center and very soon she began to play with other children’s. Since she likes to participant in games and activities, she has been regularly participating in the non formal classes conducted by Marialaya. In between Lakshmi and Lakshmi parents were counseled on why girl child education is important in today’s world. It is not only overall development of the girl, but also how education contributes to the health, education and poverty reduction within the family in future.

On the completion of the counseling sessions, Lakshmi parents accepted to support their child, in giving extra attention on her education. The child is now mainstreamed after a year and she is very much interested in academics. Currently she is studying in class 8th in the nearby school locality. Lakshmi is happily coming to the evening tuition centre with other school going children. Lakshmi is one of those who serve as an example for the entire community on how education transforms lives. The real intervention of Marialaya helps in transforming many lives in the target community

Roshan (Name changed) - Kalyanpuram


Roshan (Name changed) 12 years old from the kalayanapuram community belongs to a poor socio economic background. Both of the child parents are engaged in unorganized work. The child was identified by our field staff. When counseled found that the child does not have any support or motivation from the parents as they come home late, after a tireless day

He also shared that “I am a drop out and I am ok with it, it’s because I have a friends who are always with me roaming in and around our area” Later, the child was encouraged to come to our centre. Surprisingly, the child started to participate regularly in our Non Formal education center. In between child, parent was counseled on individual as well as on family basis on the importance of education and their child future.

So Many months passed away after which the child expressed his interest in rejoining the school; since it was a year ending and so we couldn’t able to re-admit Master Roshan in the current academic year. Now the child is mainstreamed in the class VI. Master Roshan is now studying happily in the new school with his new friend. He also expressed that he is happy now, as he has someone to show concern on his education as well as his carrier.

Roshan comes every day to our evening tuition centre for doing his home work /project and be there till his parent come back home…!!

  Marialaya helped me not only to join school but also changed me into a responsible child  

V.Rajalakshmi - Member of Kurallosai Self Help Group


V.Rajalakshmi is a member of Kurallosai Self Help Group since 2011. The group comprises of 14 members. V. Rajalakshmi shared that through the Self Help group, she was able to get occupation (Job) and education loan which made her to fulfill her dreams towards her family. Rajalakshmi-Member of Self Help Group

She expressed that her husband is very much supportive and encourage able towards her growth. Rajalakshmi, shared that she was encouraged to attend, various training program organized either outside or inside the organization. She also shared that through the skill development programme, she was able to gain confidence as well as she was able to support her family financially through her hard work.

At present she herself does bank related work and help other member of her group in keeping book records and accounting. She also motivates other women to bring about changes in their life through linkage of SHG. She developed as a trainer, who can educate and train more women. V. Rajalakshmi with the support of Marialaya had put up stalls at various places – in order to gain money out of her own ability. She installed a stall at Exhibition Trade fare – “Theevu Thedal” for three months. She also said that through training/exposure she was able to realize and increase her Self Confidence, ability and talent as a woman.

Menaka - Animator and Member of Dharma Vinayagar SHG

Menaka is animator and member of Dharma Vinayagar SHG since 2012. The group comprises of 12 Members. Menaka also tells us about how she was and how she had little confidence when she initially joined Marialaya and would rarely leaves the house after her married life.. Menaka - Animator and Member of Self Help Group

She shared that after joining Marialaya SHG she was given exposure & training on various Capacity Building training, which helped her to develop economically i.e. through Jewelry Making training. She was able to create her own design.

She also shared that with the support of Marialaya she was able to put Stalls in TNSCB, HSBC Bank, Annai Theresa Campus, and College etc.

In the beginning she had received 600 as income from her Jewelry making skill, now she proudly says that she earn around 12,000rs & above per month. She was also awarded by other organization i.e. by helping hand, TNSCB for her creative thinking.

Menaka, had become more confident as she earn money on her own without depending on others financially. Other than this she also had develop cultural and traditional training on singing, dancing and street theatre. She also shared that at present she run her own Stall name “Mathinalam” at the Singaravelar Maligai, Collector office through government skill development scheme programme. Side by, She also runs food enterprises with the support of Self Help Group through which she undertakes catering orders.

Jasmine - Miss. Jasmine Helped for Gaja Cyclone

  God Loves the Cheerful Giver  

  Helping hands are better than Praying Lips says Mother Theresa

These words of Mother Theresa true in the life of our dear adopted Child Ms. Jasmine of Broadway Marialaya. She lives in G.T Mrialaya from her childhood. Jasmine - Helped for Gaja Cyclone

She is not very much studied like other children of us, due to her outward appearance. Her past life story is very pathetic to hear. But she learnt the values of life from the school of our sisters.

It is vividly known to all when she came forward to donate her earning of 10,000/ for the deprived of Kaja Cyclone.

From her savings she donated Rs. 10,000 for the people who lost their livelihood and she is also very generous in helping all especially the children of G.T Marialaya of present and even those who have settled.

She is also well known for her good memory and hard work. She remembers all the sisters Birthdays, Death Anniversaries. Her past life, the places she went about the people she met in her childhood and also very much hard working. Surely her act of charity may inspire many people. Let us bless this child and pray for her and encourage others youngster too to imitate like her this good qualities.