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Child Rights Initiatives


Children’s Parliament builds relationships that allow children the opportunity to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings so that their concerns can be listened to and included in our social and political landscape. We do this in two ways. Firstly by working directly with children through projects and consultations and secondly by educating and equipping adults with knowledge and skills in order that they can make a replica of Children Parliament approach in their own community. Our aim is to ensure that the confident voices of community people which helps themselves to keep children healthy, happy and safe.

children parliament
climate Justice


Children Movement for climate justice (CMCJ) aims is to promote Ecological Child Rights i.e. it aims to raise voice against climate injustice and global warming to secure their basic needs such as food, water, shelter, air and sustainability for all. We, along with Children active participation we do conduct various outreach awareness programme focusing on food security, protection of water resource, tree plantations, community based natural resource management initiatives which will prevent global warming and will motivate the general public to promote child friendly environment.